Colorado Roofing’s Best Kept Secret

What makes a Colorado roofing contractor different? I mean REALLY different? The truth is, most roofers got into this business because it seems like an easy enough way to make money, and when you live in the hail capital of the world it makes sense.

Step 1: Open a roofing company

Step 2: Wait for a hail storm

Step 3: Profit

Unfortunately, these companies spend so much time, money, and resources on becoming “insurance specialists” that they never take the time to learn how to become decent “roofing specialists.”

I was competing against a couple of roofers on a bid a few years back and every single one of us was offering the exact same product. Some companies gave it away for free while others charged a premium. The issue wasn’t that it was the same product from the same manufacturer. The real issue was that the product we were offering was substandard to begin with.

What if I told you that there is a shingle manufacturer that ACTUALLY makes a shingle that can withstand Colorado’s vicious hail storms?

Enter the best kept secret in Colorado roofing, Malarkey Roofing Products via All Seasons Exteriors. Malarkey has been around since 1956 and they were the first company to introduce the process of modifying asphalt with SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) rubber over 30 years ago. This modification process makes the shingle hold the granules in better, which in turn makes the shingle stronger and more flexible. As a result, we’re left with the most durable and impact resistant shingle on the market. Other shingle manufacturers have only started experimenting with SBS modified rubber over the past decade, so Malarkey has a substantial head start.

In addition to the durability of their impact resistant shingles, Malarkey is also the most environmentally conscious shingle manufacturer in the world. They’re the only company that uses recycled plastics in their asphalt mixture as well as the only company to incorporate 3M’s Smog Reducing Granules into all of their shingle lines.  Couple with this the reality that less damage to their shingles caused by hail means fewer hail damaged shingles filling our landfills, and the result is a truly GREEN product.

Why is this important to us?

First off, the insurance process for hail damage is ever-changing which means homeowners are going to start paying more and more attention to the quality of the materials that are being installed on their roofs. The “we’ll replace your roof and all you pay is your deductible” days are becoming a thing of the past as deductibles are now substantially higher than what they were even 3 years ago. Secondly, we are currently paying for the greed of our ancestors as Denver ranks 14th in high-ozone days out of 227 metropolitan areas. In our beautiful state, poor air quality is something we should all do what we can to combat.

This is our opportunity to make a difference. While it may be small, it is the main driver for us here at All Seasons Exteriors. Our hope is that our ripple becomes a wave for change in an industry in desperate need of it.
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